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Sunshine Baby was designed as a child car safety device to help prevent hot car deaths that occur annually to young children and pets.
child car safety device
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Accidentally Set in Motion


We all have a story about a car that was accidentally set in motion, it’s memorable. Mostly, things end safely with nothing more than a dented fender, but sadly this is not always the case. Thankfully, newer cars (2010) are required to have the BTSI system...

Having a Safe & Spooktacular Halloween


Halloween is one of the favorite holidays for children of all ages: dressing up in fun or scary costumes, class parties, trick-or-treating through the streets to see all the fun and creepy decorations, scary movies, trips to the local haunted house and pumpkin patch and...

July 31st Is Heat Stroke Prevention Day


Look Before You Lock! Child Vehicular Heatstroke On average once every nine days an innocent young child tragically dies due to heatstroke in a vehicle. As part of National Child Vehicular Heatstroke Prevention Day on July 31, grieving parents are coming together and asking for immediate action...

The Sad Story of Hot Car Deaths


It’s summer and the temperature is rising, it would seem that almost every day, we are hearing of another child perishing from heat in the car. Mostly, these are tragedies that result not from neglect but from simple forgetfulness, a change in routine, an overwhelmed...

How Can Someone Forget A Child in the Car?


“Only bad parents do that.” “It can’t happen to me.” “I could never forget my child in the car.” It can happen and does happen - like this hospital CEO who tragically left her 7 month old daughter in her minivan while she rushed off to meetings. Imagine this....

Memorial Day Sale


As we remember our loved ones this Memorial Day we thank you for keeping our kids safe. As a "Thank You" we want to offer 20% discount on products until May 31st 2017.    ...

How an Effective Carseat Alarm Works


At Sunshine Baby, we’re all about effective prevention. Every nine days, a child dies from being forgotten in a hot car, and usually it has nothing to do with parenting skills. Rather, it’s due to how memory works, especially when the brain is stressed or...

WOW – where did my mind go?


I am a mother of a 10 and 12 year old, and like many other families our life is busy. I thought the sleepless nights of motherhood would be over by now, but its just different. These days if I wake up in the middle...

— How to talk to kids about car safety

iRemind Alarm in Texas and Rhode Island


The word is getting out! The iRemind Alarm has made local news in the Austin American Statesman, and for good reason. Texas leads the nation in child hot car deaths, with at least 100 recorded deaths since 1998, or 15% of all cases nationally. For comparison, the state average is 12...