Does the alarm work with all makes of car seats?

Yes, the alarm is universal in its installation and will accommodate any car seat manufacturer. The installation requires access under the padded covering in the seat area. Most padded coverings come off for washing.

How long does it take to install?

It requires you to place a 3” diameter soft pad under the seating area and Velcro a small electronic device onto the back of the car seat. It takes approximately 1-2 minutes.

Will it work for Preemie babies?

Yes, the detection is from 1 pound and up, it will work for any object placed in the seat heavier than 1 pound.

How do I hear the alarm?

The alarm system has an option of using a smart phone app that will ping your phone or a key fob option that will beep the key fob.

Is the alarm waterproof?

The device under the padded seating area is water resistant and care should be taken if the device becomes fully immersed to dry it out as soon as possible. The electronic device attached to the back of the car seat could be affected if immersed, like any electronic device.

Is it easily transferable to another seat?

Yes, transferring to another seat is simply removing the soft pressure pad and the electronics from the seat and reinstalling.

How do I install the alarm and smart phone App?

Please review the installation videos at YouTube/ForgetMeNotKid or our facebook page at www.facebook.com/ForgetMeNotAlarm/vidoes


  • Amy27 March 2016

    Is the key fob sent with the device? Also can the app be installed on more than one smart phone, for example if grandma is babysitting will it show up on her phone when she puts baby in her seat?
    Thank you!

  • Marti15 April 2016

    Hello Amy, we’re only shipping the iPhone app version for now. Once you have the hardware, you can load the free app on as many phones as needed. It is unlimited, so it is available to anyone who transports the baby.

    Thank you for your question!


  • Matt12 May 2016

    If both parents are in the car and one runs into a store with the car running, and the other parent stays in the car, will the device know not to set off the alarm?

  • Marti16 May 2016

    The alarm will only sync with one phone at a time. It will stay synced to the first phone until the seat is unoccupied. If the parent that leaves the car has the sync it will alarm. If it is synced to the parent in the car it will not alarm. You can simply leave your phone with your spouse to be sure
    The iRemind Team

  • Marcinda18 May 2016

    Everyone I know has android phones. When will you have an android app for the rest of us?

    • admin24 May 2016

      Hi Marcinda, great question. We’re in the process of developing an Android version right now, and plan to test the beta app very soon! If you’re interested or know folks who might be interested, shoot us an email at sunshinebabyalarm@yahoo.com!

  • Suzanne29 May 2016

    I just installed the system and the app is totally confusing to me. It keeps showing me that there are alerts or notifications but I don’t see where they are – what is the number notification on the app – is it an alert? Where can I see it – it does not show up in the notifications on my phone.

    • Marti23 July 2016

      Do you have a 5S or newer phone? It requires Bluetooth low energy setting. It sounds like your blue tooth is not detecting the alarm. If you provide a phone number at sunshinebabyalarm@yahoo.com we can call you for real time support
      The iRemind Team

  • Brandon12 June 2016

    Where can I purchase a key fob?

    • admin17 June 2016

      Hi Brandon, we’re still working on the key fob. We’ll make an announcement when it does come out!

  • Emma13 August 2016

    If I am at work and want to check if my child’s daddy remembered to drop the child off at daycare. Can I do so, without him noticing I’m checking? In other words – can I check from another location weather baby is in the seat or not?

    • admin30 August 2016

      Hi Emma,

      The iRemind alerts only the caregiver closest to the child– in other words, usually the person leaving the car. Let us know if you have any other questions!

  • Lisa16 December 2016

    When will this be available for android.

  • Emily21 February 2018

    We bought two but only need one. How do we return the additional one for a refund? Thanks

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